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Get the recipes concerned with our products & ingredients. In case you need further guidance you have opportunity to access the chef with international name & exposure in all aspects of bakery wares, he is master of every department, when talking about bakery.

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Machines of your exact need within your budget is very difficult to get in market !

Then share your idea of machine/processing with well qualified & experienced industry experts to understand your exact need to design, to fabricate the machine of your choice !!

Such a service is unique in nature, it needs a real expertise to convert your thought into a performing machine that too in a limited budget !!!


For a particular process a MUFFLE FURNACE was needed to work practically in the range of 1000 degree celsius temperature round the clock, the reaction inside the muffle releases alot of obnoxious gases which also have to be managed so that they could not create problem in the surroundings !

Now, there is no such machine in the any market at any price !!

So, either compromise on machine and take mis-matching systems and consultation for huge investment or leave the idea and do something common which is available in the market !

Looking this genuine problem of the industry we came forward with a bunch of technocrates to resolve this issue equally innovatively and professionally with the thought of :


Finally we designed this really difficult muffle furnace with a lot of experimentation and a lot more labour to achieve needed customisation up to 100% satisfaction.

So, come forward to get your machine of thought in practice with our expertise !


This is another example of very good customisation for harmful gases released from the process, this is one unique design to absorb all the gases in suitable adsorbents and then release the effluent safely without creating any problem in surroundings due to obnoxious effluent gases. In this case we saved a potential air pollution.

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We offer a perfect eco-system of growth with us for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business houses by giving them innovative products & services in our franchise system.

Grow with us with one of our product line as a manufacturer with full technology support for processing & quality control at the plant and our brand support in marketing of the same.

As a franchisee, you will be major stake holder in your business, when profits start coming our share will be 15 to 25 % depending upon mutual agreeable terms.

In the beginning one time there will be a technology transfer fee, then we expect anything when business becomes profitable, not before.

India is very rich in various raw materials in agro, food, pharma & cosmetics so we are in advantageous position to be in this sector. The investment is not large & chances of failure are remote so all these factors with a proven & experienced guidance ensure good prospects of business.

Since, our objective is just not to make money but to spread happiness by making more & more people enterprising to make our nation more prosperous & powerful, we do our best to sustain you.

I know that people have potential to grow but they afraid off losses, cheating etc. I work here to make them free from any such fear of failure by giving them confidence so that they can use their potential to grow and help the society.

I do it very simply all this by not asking for money for anything which is unproven, with us the product is in front of you, it’s clientage is in front of you, nothing is hidden ! With no hurry of anything, no pressure of anything so you take your decision coolly & thoughtfully.

How the franchisees will work ?

The franchisees will be assigned a particular area to sell their product, once the franchisee is operational the demand will be directed from us to you. You also develop new clientage independently to grow the business, initially when the time is very crucial to enter into the market we will redirect orders to you to establish yourself as manufacturer/trader of that product/ products.

We have tremendous opportunities to grow as we are constantly involved in our R&D activities to commercialize innovative products, processes and services, Good luck !

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Not just words, but the words in real action with a true promise !

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