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Customised Machinery is one essential pillar of any innovative manufacturing activity, being innovative most often you don’t get what you need…., then this is the right platform to knock !!


Machines of your exact need within your budget is very difficult to get in market !

Then share your idea of machine/processing with well qualified & experienced industry experts to understand your exact need to design, to fabricate the machine of your choice !!

Such a service is unique in nature, it needs a real expertise to convert your thought into a performing machine that too in a limited budget !!!


For a particular process a MUFFLE FURNACE was needed to work practically in the range of 1000 degree celsius temperature round the clock, the reaction inside the muffle releases alot of obnoxious gases which also have to be managed so that they could not create problem in the surroundings !

Now, there is no such machine in the any market at any price !!

So, either compromise on machine and take mis-matching systems and consultation for huge investment or leave the idea and do something common which is available in the market !

Looking this genuine problem of the industry we came forward with a bunch of technocrates to resolve this issue equally innovatively and professionally with the thought of :


Finally we designed this really difficult muffle furnace with a lot of experimentation and a lot more labour to achieve needed customisation up to 100% satisfaction.

So, come forward to get your machine of thought in practice with our expertise !


This is another example of very good customisation for harmful gases released from the process, this is one unique design to absorb all the gases in suitable adsorbents and then release the effluent safely without creating any problem in surroundings due to obnoxious effluent gases. In this case we saved a potential air pollution.

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