Industry Superlatives


Here we are offering straight forward which is beyond any doubt best-in-class, the industry superlatives !

Amongst multi-cornered competetion, the food processors are sometimes forced to use available secondary & tertiary level products however they aspire to use “THE BEST”, such a search completes here with our range of ‘INDUSTRY SUPERLATIVE PRODUCTS’ where your quest for best ingredients is fulfilled for reasonable price !!


This is the best among all the bread improvers available in Indian market, this is designed to achieve very high level og quality parameters in all yeast leavened goods as this contributes:

  1. Very fine mature, flexible & non-sticky machinable dough
  2. All-round homogeneous expansion of loaf during final proof
  3. A good balanced oven-spring with over-all high loaf volume
  4. Golden brown crust colour with good sidewalls’ strength
  5. Extra white crumb colour with honeycomb crumb structure (jali).
  6. Resilient loaf so, no packing wastage
  7. Longer softness retention, so less returns.

For “how to use” please refer brochure supplied with the product.

Adorable, Appetizing Bread !


Dosage are different for different methods and processes:

For Frozen dough method:

3-5 g per Kg of flour

This is particularly for the situations when dough is made for later use and stored frozen.

For slow speed mixing machines:

5-7 g per Kg of flour

For spiral mixing machines:

6 g to 8 g per Kg of flour

For high-speed mixing machines:

6 g to 10 g per kg of flour


Use 1-2% by weight extra water as it improves water absorption power (WAP) of flour considerably

Decrease mixing time preferably by 8% as complex enzyme action compensates the mechanical input energy.

Maintain dough temperature 25-27 degree celcius preferably.

Maintain fermentation time preferably within 2 hrs, extra long proofing time diminishes the quality.

This improver does not require :

  • Soya flour
  • Guar gum
  • Gluten
  • Ascorbic acid

Preferably add improver in water before maida/flour.


This exhaustive study report was made on behalf of TIFAC, DEPT OF SCI & TECH, GOVT OF INDIA, in order to approve this innovative product !
This is international accreditation of quality for the product !
This shows our conformity towards GMP & international compliance towards quality !


Unique single-acting baking powder is highly distinguished in its operational functionality as it releases 100% gas only at heating, so the products and processes which need gassing only with the rise in temperature are suitable to use this ‘single acting baking powder’.

The processes which need nucleation in the initial mixing stage of batter as in case of cakes, we offer double acting baking powder which releases about 20% gas in the mixing stage and rest at various stages of baking.

Unlike other available baking powders either from big corporates or from small manufacturing companies, ours are well differentiated in their controlled gas release functionality; except ours in all other brands we tested the same feature that :


Most of gas this way goes waste which otherwise has to be used in raising of dough, actually no company has this technology to stop it, except us.


One widespread myth is that double acting gives more gas then single acting baking powders !

Actually both the baking powders whether they are single acting or double acting produce equal carbon di oxide gas, the single acting release gas only on heating so truly speaking :


While double acting baking powders must release gas right from the beginning to advance stage of baking again that control is missing, unfortunately in Indian market :


The unprofessional practices are full-onn!

Just to satisfy the market sentiments, manufacturers are selling with the labels like single acting & double acting without any recognisable functional difference, except ours.

We are being a responsible technical enterprise serve the industry only with genuine labels and products; our single acting baking powder is the only product in the market having very recognizable feature that it releases gas only on heating, not before. No brand is parallel to us, so we call it industry superlative !


This compact broad-spectrum preservative is one unique offering from “M.I.’s” R & D, this product is simply superb than any other alternate present in the industry. Shelf-life contributed by this product is fairly more than the calcium propionate either liquid or in powder form even at the highest level of dosage.

Compact broad-spectrum preservative works against all microbes other than yeast, it prevents the growth of molds, fungi, bacteria & other pathogens on all yeast leavened goods namely bread, burgers, pav, buns, pizzas etc.

This is industry superlative preservative for all yeast leavened foods.


Following are the pKa values of organic acids used in preparation of this broad-spectrum preservative:

AcidpKapH range
Propionic acid4.872.5 – 5.5
Acetic acid4.743 – 5
Lactic acid3.863 – 7

When salts of these are used in combination they produce their respective conjugate bases, basic nature of these are as:

propionate > acetate > lactate

Undissociated acids play a vital role in preservation as they enter into cell wall of mold, bacteria, where they ionize into conjugate base and the proton as inside pH is approx 7, which rupture these cells & their growth retards. In present product all the working pH ranges are covered to make this product as a choice by default and make it a true broad-spectrum preservative.

Preferably for better penetration of undissociated acid into the cell cytoplasm, pH of the surroundings should be lower than pKa of the acids, this is achieved by added free weaker acid in the system added in the form of sodium diacetate which releases it during initial phases of baking. As the temperature increases in the oven it’s ionisation increases & create conducive acidic atmosphere inside the loaf to facilitate better preservative action.

Actually, a complex effect of many pairs of conjugate acid base pairs do the job & contribute a longer shelf life when compared only with calcium propionate alone !

More-over, it can be safely used till 0.5 % of flour weight without any unpleasant odour as in case of calcium propionate alone, combination of acetic acid & lactic acid are known to contribute better baking flavour.

A little description !


Calcium propionate alone decreases yeast fermentation ability up to 34% which increases the consumption of yeast to maintain the same proofing profile in order to get optimum production yield, this increased amount of yeast leaves the final loaf vulnerable to the microbial spoilage, so use of calcium propionate is a vicious circle which gives only a restricted solution associated with many problems !

At the other hand, “M.I.’s” compact broad-spectrum preservative which is a cocktail of natural preservatives contain a sufficient amount of undissociated lactic acid which supports yeast fermentation activity at the same time diacetate present in the dough releases acetic acid with increase in temperature inside the oven, this feature accommodates well the yeast growth as during proofing time pH doesn’t decrease as in case of only calcium propionate & acetic acid combination; ultimately with “M.I.’s” compact broad-spectrum preservative yeast consumption decreases up to 10% than usual amount of yeast required with calcium propionate.

So, it saves substantially on yeast expenditure !

Gives additional shelf-life by 24 hrs – 48 hrs when replaced equally with calcium propionate !!


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