Acetem is the unique emulsifier having short chain fatty acids & therefore this particular emulsifier is compatible with butter to be used in food applications.

Emulsifiers are one of the essential component of any processed food; one can understand their importance by following memories:

  • Rubbery, chewy, coarse & dry bread
  • hard, crumbly cake
  • hard to swallow slice cake

These are the moments when actually you need one suitable emulsifier !

Following are few manufactured by us :


This is first in this series and an extremely important emulsifier having certain unique characteristics which no other emulsifier can qualify like :

  1. Very high capability of thin film formation
  2. Highly stretchable & expandable films
  3. Tasteless
  4. Almost flavourless
  5. Has short chain fatty acids
  6. Alpha tending

Due to property number 1, it is the most suitable food grade plasticizer used in food grade plastics, in meat covering films, in aeration of whipping creams and cake batters. Chewing gum is one classic example to use this property.

Due to property number 2, it is suitable emulsifiers for all yeast leavened goods where it contributes towards formation of finer crumbs & freshness retention of bread, burgers, buns, pav, pizzas etc

Due to property number 3 & 4, it is universal for all formulations as it does not impart any it’s own taste or flavour. Sometimes it carries little acidic flavour.

Due to property number 5, it is well compatible with natural butter & ghee in various foods, this is a unique characteristic of this emulsifier.

Due to property number 6, it is a desirable component of cake emulsifiers like cake gels where alpha isomorphic form of distilled mono glycerides (DMG) plays a functional role.

Acetic acid ester of mono & diglyceride; (ACETEM); E-472a
Acetem, Acetic acid ester of mono & diglycerides ( E-472a) commercial launch !

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